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1. Why isn't PayPal available as a payment option?

 While PayPal has become synonymous with secure, hassle free payments for some, from our past experiences, we've learned that PayPal isn't such a great idea for small businesses and individual sellers. PayPal has a practice of holding funds from businesses to cover "disputes, returns, and chargebacks", which could be great for a buyer. However, this practice causes businesses to lose efficiency and the necessary cash flow they need to effectively run their businesses and pay themselves. Funds can be held for up to 90 days and at PayPal's discretion, whether the business is in good standing or not. The products we provide here at Pagan&Eggz require us to pay our fulfilment service before you can receive your order. In more familiar speak: "Messing around with PayPal will kill our business!". So, with that in mind and also to make a statement of solidarity with our entrepreneurial counterparts, we opt out of any and all PayPal services. We promise you, we have done all we can to use comparable and in many cases far superior services with adequate security and respect for your private information, while also protecting our ability to grow as a company.

2. What is the meaning of Pagan & Eggz and is there some relationship to religion or devil-worshipping?

Pagan & Eggz started out as a radio show/podcast hosted by Allaynah and Fee. the name came about while trying to find something catchy and intriguing that would interest listeners as they looked for a podcast to enjoy. A fan of puns, it just popped into existence as a witty play on "Bacon & Eggs". Silly and fun but also referencing our penchant for the esoteric, mystical, and magical (Pagan) and our black womanhood (Eggz). Now as for religion and worship lol. No, there is no direct relationship to any religion (despite the presence of Hindu symbolism and various deities). The imagery is related to our passions (Fee is a long-time Yogi and instructor hence Sarcastic YOGI) and paying homage to our ancestry and cultural/ethnic identities. The word, Pagan, has long been associated (mostly from television) with Satanists and the like but that can't be further from the truth. Paganism is to defer to our natural practices before organized and 'man-made' religions arrived and made those things/ideas/beliefs wrong or suddenly unnatural. We assure you, all imagery used on this site is used with protection, positivity, and empowerment in mind for ourselves and you. Any reference to a deity is in their most positive/protective manifestation and with pure intent. Also, ain't no devils and whatnot.